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How to set up a company in Belgium?

What are the steps to create a company?

Main steps to launch your company :

  1. Establish a financial plan.

  2. Open a bank account in the name of the company: a certificate will then be given to you when you deposit the contributions/capital in the account.

  3. Go to a notary: he or she will establish the statutes of your company with you.

  4. Register the company to a social insurance fund (Securex, Partena, UCM, etc.).

  5. Register with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (and VAT if required) at a business counter (UCM, Liantis, Group S, etc.)

Creation time : 1 week for the financial plan + 2 weeks for the notary (usually 1 month but our contacts can reduce this to 2 weeks in case of emergency).

Advantages DB Accounting :

Notary : our partners save you around 400 euros excluding VAT on the usual prices.

Financial plan : cost of realisation of approximately 200 euros excluding VAT for companies located in Wallonia.


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